Niagara Hidden Gems: St. Johns Conservation

Niagara is home to so many hidden gems, there is a reason so many have moved here in the past 10 years. If you’re from the area, you know just how good you have it.

Sometimes though, after years of the same old routine, we can forget just how wonderful a place we live.

If you have just moved to the region or are looking to find yourself reacquainted with the beauty in your backyard, read on.

St. John’s Conservation Area is tucked in the hollowed hills of Pelham, ON. Follow the winding roads to a driveway off the beaten path. You will find yourself wrapped in a canopy of trees that welcome you into the family-friendly hiking spot.

Upon entry, you will find a gate with a sign that seems like the lot, don’t make the same mistake many do. Continue on a bit further and you’ll come to a proper parking lot with accessible spots as well as a bathroom! The conservation has done an amazing job updating the park for everyone to enjoy.

Once you leave your car you’ll find a path that opens up to an expansive pond, often filled with turtles, geese, and minnows. A path loops around the perimeter with trails stretching into the forest. The trails vary in difficulty, some are even wheelchair and stroller accessible! Even the most challenging trail is quite manageable for kids 7 and up. Those of our smaller friends may need some extra help or support from parents along the way, but you will find that they can still be included on the trip!

It’s rare to find a hiking path that doesn’t feel daunting with kids, but St.Johns gives parents the relief to know that there aren’t any hidden drops or gullies, and as long as you maintain attention to the gang you’ll be a-ok!

Not only is St.Johns beautiful in the warmer months, it becomes more and more enticing as the weather cools. Because of its predictability, even in the winter its a lovely place to visit and easily managed with a good pair of boots! Take the family fishing in the summer, and on a winter adventure building log forts in the winter. You’ll always have a reason to visit and explore this hidden treasure.