We do the same song and dance every year. Valentine’s Day comes around and we book a fancy dinner, tell our loved ones we think they’re great, and go on about our lives. Does anyone else get tired of the same old date night?

Sometimes DOING something together can be just as fun, if not more because it leaves you with a lasting memory and something to share together in the future. We wanted to create a date experience that would be great for your first date or a reminder after hundreds that this is the person you want to do everything with!

This year we are offering our Latte Love experience at our

Font Coffee Bar location:

Available for pre-booking starting today! Send us a Dm with your preferred night!

Date Night includes:

1 flight of lattes

2 treats

A private latte art lesson to help you master your home machine!

$80 per couple, can be booked in groups of 2-4!

Available dates: Tuesday, Feb 14th, Friday, Feb 17th!

Book ASAP before our slots run out!

Latte Love Date Night!